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Palm is an iOS app that allows people to share their contact information efficiently and intuitively. Users can create virtual “cards” with various arrangements of contact information, and easily exchange these cards through a QR code, text, or email. I aimed to create a solution that could replace business cards and awkward phone/contact information exchanges.


App Overview

Palm is broken down into 3 main screens: My Cards, Contacts, and Profile.

Profile displays the personal information you’ve attached to your profile.
My Cards
displays a list of Cards you’ve created.
Contacts displays the Cards of users you’ve connected with.

Card Creation Process

The act of creating a Card is a simple 3-step process.
1. Click the + button at the top of the app.
2. Select the personal information you want to include in the Card.
3. Save and name the new Card.


Card Exchange Process

Every Card is associated with a unique QR code. Using Palm’s in-app camera to scan another user’s QR code saves the Card to your Contacts, and allows you to send one of your Cards back in return.

Moreover, Cards can also be shared via text message and email!


Stack/tech: Swift | Realm, Twilio API, MailChimp API

I built the MVP over the summer of 2017. View the slide deck below: